Korean Engagement Customs

Getting engaged in Korea is an extremely special occasion. Most commonly it is a special event held in the bride’s home. It involves meeting the bride’s family and exchanging products.

The groom and bride are usually wearing traditional suits. The bride’s mom will usually wear a hanbok. The groom will likely wear a hanbok. The few will usually execute a profound bow. This bow is a sign of respect and commitment.

The groom’s family brings sweets and alcohol meant for the bridal party. The groom and bride will sit on cushions and bow to one another.

The groom’s family as well brings a live rough outdoors goose. This goose represents the groom’s determination to the bride-to-be. The groom’s parents then toss chestnuts and dates at the bride. These korean guy dating tips chestnuts happen to be korean brides synonymous with children. They will predict the number of kids the couple will have.

The bridegroom and bride will perform a gyo-bae-rye, which is a classic bow. Also this is a symbol https://www.psu.edu/news/research/story/tailoring-affects-peoples-perceptions-dates-suggested-online-dating-apps/ of commitment and trust. This ceremony is usually held a day or two before the endorsed formal procedure.

Following your wedding, the couple should attend a celebration called pyebaek. This is a tradition that has been utilized for many years. It might be called pyebaeg. Traditionally, that was only members of your family who went to. Currently, Korean-American couples have announced this tradition to U. S i9000. culture.


In the past, the bride and groom could attend a banquet using their families. It was a way to bring together their families. Today, it is rare for the couple to get a separate marriage ceremony celebration.

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